West Moorabool Post-Fencing Planting Day

This is an initial Request for Interest from the membership to let us know who would be available to participate in a planting day out at West Moorabool, in either of MAY or JUNE. Once we get the fencing finished, we will need to plant out around 3000 plants along the creek line and in the slopes up the sides.

It would be a full day trip event with a lunch provided (BBQ and salads). The organising team would probably camp up at the property the night before just to make sure we kick off seamlessly.

The event would utilise some of our network connections - some of the Indian service clubs we have connected with at Grow West have expressed a desire to do more of planting and we have some talented concrete cutters who have been itching to get out and do some planting. So we would be looking to have as many hands on deck as possible as 3000 trees is a reasonable number!

Click on Dave's email link below and send some feedback!

Project Lead contact: Dave McKinnon

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