Australian Alps Walking Track Water Tanks Service Call


So, we had a Russian bushwalker message us using the email address on one of our stickers on the tanks we installed a few years back. He said that one of the taps had been broken off and he was worried that one more incident would mean no tap on the tanks - and therefore no water for walkers.

That led us to thinking it was time for a jaunt up into one of our favourite areas of Victoria to inspect the three tanks we invested a lot of time and energy to install for Parks Victoria. We are liaising with the Bright PV office since they now own that part of the world in PV terms, about the state of the tanks following the fires and if they are OK, what dates might work for a look-see - but assuming they are not buckled messes of metal, and given the fire season to go, it is likely to be around April - May timeframe before we can contemplate a sortie up there. Hence at this stage we are looking for expression of interest from the membership re attending.

The trip details are as follows:

  • Dates are to be confirmed
  • Location will be the Barry Mountains area south of Abbeyard. Note there was significant fire activity in this area in January of 2020.
  • Trip Logistics likely
    • Travel up to Myrtleford on and then down to Abbeyard where we camp. Or maybe we don't if it's too blackened still and stay around Myrtleford.
    • Fix tanks via sorties out there
    • Transit back to Melbourne.
  • Equipment required will be:
    • All camping gear, water, food and provisions for two nights in alpine country
    • Capable high clearance dual range 4WD vehicle for alpine fire track navigation
    • Basic vehicle recovery gear - strap, shovel, tyre pump, repair kit, shackles and hand winch if you have it.
    • Handheld UHF radio and/or vehicle mounted UHF.
  • Chainsaw Certificate -we need at least one certified operator.

Slack Channel for the Project: #proj_aawttanks

Project Lead contact: Doug Parke

To Register: Email Doug or call on his mobile.

Below we present a short gallery of one of the past tank events. Please click on a photo below the main feature photo to see larger, hi-res images and to scroll through the gallery.