Landcare Census 2022: Late Jan/esrly Feb: Heads Up!

landcare census 2022

A reminder that the Landcare Victoria Inc. Member Census will be conducted online in early 2022 to collect financial and membership data from our Member Groups. In previous years, this information was collected as part of the membership renewal process but will now be collected separately in the interest of simplifying renewals for our members. This census must be completed by all financial groups/networks.
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Landcare Australia Film on Cultural Burning Practices in Australia featured by the BBC


The BBC is broadcasting audio and vision excerpts from a Landcare Australia film in three of its programs later this year. The focus is Traditional Owners and cultural burning practices in Australia.

The BBC productions include interviews with Victor Steffensen, a descendant of the Tagalaka people and Indigenous fire practitioner, explaining how cultural burns can help manage the land while reducing fuel load and destructive wildfires.
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Cathedral Tree: Remember the Quoll trips?

Here is a very disturbing post from
Jill Redwood, whom many of you will remember from our Quoll hunting trips some years back. This was from work done by the Goongerah Environment Centre. Read and get angry as this is directly related to the damning Victorian Auditor-General's report on DELWP's lack of stewardship of our biodiversity in this state.

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Nest Boxes: We might do this?


You might remember the Sugar Glider nest boxes we installed up in the Lurg Hills a few years back. You might be interested in nest boxes as a way to encourage more abundance and diversity of our local fauna on your property. Or you might be a secret woodworking enthusiast looking for a way to make your hobby have some environmental impact!

Either way, nest boxes and the art of nest-boxing is a highly skilled, species-specific sport. You need to have deep insight into the predator, feeding, breeding and physical attributes of your chosen beneficiary - not to mention a keen appreciation of the solar arc travel during the day and over the course of the seasons.
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Black Saturday - how have our fauna and flora recovered?

Hear from five ARI researchers about how threatened species and our environment have recovered since the Black Summer fires. While these stories will be told by ARI researchers, this is a story of outstanding collaboration across DELWP and partner organisations. (This presentation was one of over 80 virtual events at the most recent Victorian Nature Festival. Read More…

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