Welcome to the Victorian Mobile Landcare Group Inc - the VMLCG as we call it. We started this organisation in 2009 and have undertaken an impressive, in our humble opinion of course, list of projects all over Victoria in the last 10 years.

The trigger event for our foundation was the 2004 fires which devastated much of far East Gippsland. We got involved in doing relief fencing work. Back then we were inside a large 4WD Club. That didn't work terribly well and in 2009 we separately incorporated into the VMLCG as a completely independent Landcare Group. Since then, we have been undertaking projects around Victoria where our remote area capability is necessary and critical to project success.

In addition, we have formed some great partnerships with other Landcare groups and networks and we invite you to review our picture gallery of projects to see what we have been up to with them.

The photo below is an excellent example of our value - this was a project commissioned by Parks Victoria for us to install two water tanks at undisclosed locations (to prevent vandalism) on the Australian Alps Walking Track in the Alpine National Park. We transported, installed and commissioned the water tanks and today, 6 years after the project, we believe they are still fully operational, assisting walkers get through a dry patch on this iconic walking track.

Committee meeting!
Committee meeting!
We hope you like what you see here. If you would like to join us on our projects, please get in touch or fill out a membership form.

The VMLCG is not bound by the Australian or Victorian Privacy Act - but we do operate using its principles for the treatment of your personal data. We DO NOT on-sell or divulge your personal data unless required to by law or unless it is for legitimate VMLCG business operations, as allowed for in the Associations Reform Act 2012.