Membership Application

As we use web technology to maintain all relevant documentation requirements for our operations we ask you to register with us on this page.

We have, at this time, two membership categories: Single membership and Family membership. 

Single membership has fees of $30.00 per year.
Family membership comprises eligibility for all members of a family living under the same roof, including dependent children under 25 living at home.  The fees for this membership are $30.00 per annum. All fees include a name badge for all members. Replacement badges during your membership will cost $10 to cover the cost of production.

You can fill in the form below for each member who is applying. Please use your family surname or an agreed surname that will be used to identify you all as a household on our database. Once filled and submitted for one name, the form will clear for the next entry.

Once we have your application, we will be in touch and approve your membership at the next Board of Management meeting. You can then make payment - we prefer using direct deposit with a BSB and account number.

Please also take the time to read our Rules. You cannot be a member unless you agree to abide by the Rules.

Similarly, we also operate using a Code of Conduct, adopted from Landcare Victoria and a pre-requisite of our membership with that organisation. Please read this document here

The VMLCG is not bound by the Australian or Victorian Privacy Act - but we do operate using its principles for the treatment of your personal data. We DO NOT on-sell or divulge your personal data unless required to by law or unless it is for legitimate VMLCG business operations, as allowed for in the Associations Reform Act 2012.