The VMLCG AGM is on January 31 11 AM in Geelong!

Well, 2020 is behind us now and we all hope that the past lessons have been learnt and that we will not go back to some of the hard times we had in that year.

We will all have to live with the new Covid normal conditions and still look after each other even more as time moves on. Vaccinations all sound good and we all hope they will solve our problems but only time will tell on that.

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Fire Survey Feb 2020 - aerial overfly by Parks Victoria

This post is not new news. We thought it would be pertinent for our members though as we contemplate getting back into projects in the High Country and to prepare for what will be evident up there. Clearly, we will hope to see a lot of epicormic growth, although in some areas, as the commentary suggests, the devastation on the ground looks pretty complete and it will take decades for even new succession to establish and grow out. Read More…

Grow West Annual Event Cancellation - Please Read

Grow West is one of our longest commitments to a partnering role with another landcare organisation. This year, they've got some sad, but not entirely unexpected news.

The reality for us is that, 10 years on from our formation, we're that much older and some of us definitely are more at risk from the virus than others - and indeed this is true of the age range of the volunteers that turn up each year. So it's a very good and responsible decision by the Grow West team.

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