The VMLCG AGM is on January 31 11 AM in Geelong!

Well, 2020 is behind us now and we all hope that the past lessons have been learnt and that we will not go back to some of the hard times we had in that year.

We will all have to live with the new Covid normal conditions and still look after each other even more as time moves on. Vaccinations all sound good and we all hope they will solve our problems but only time will tell on that.

But life goes on and proof of that is that we advised you all on email and now on the website that the annual general meeting (AGM) for the VMLCG is to be held on Sunday the 31st January 2021. Note we will start at 11AM.

This year we are going to hold the meeting in a different location and this will be the Botanical Gardens in Geelong. The location is known as Geelong Play Space in Eastern Park Circuit, Geelong.

See below for location on map.

We will have a BBQ like past years and then have the AGM. Ping Bruce with your RSVP on

If you want to also try out a Segway, then we are looking for people interested to get a booking. We did this 2 years ago and everyone who went had a ball. This would be before lunch and the AGM, so an early start for some! Our Vice president is interested to hear from you so ping him by emailing

If you want to come by train, we have determined there is a VLINE train to
Geelong railway station, then you have a 30 min walk to botanic gardens. The train you need is the 9.10 ex southern cross to Geelong arriving 10.15 am - check the VLINE website

Festivities will commence at 11AM for those not segwaying but we encourage you to come as early as you can and explore the gardens - then look for the VMLCG Banner and the gazebo..
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