Landcare Australia Film on Cultural Burning Practices in Australia featured by the BBC


The BBC is broadcasting audio and vision excerpts from a Landcare Australia film in three of its programs later this year. The focus is Traditional Owners and cultural burning practices in Australia.

The BBC productions include interviews with Victor Steffensen, a descendant of the Tagalaka people and Indigenous fire practitioner, explaining how cultural burns can help manage the land while reducing fuel load and destructive wildfires.
Excerpts from Fire and Water, Healing Country and People will be included in a film that focuses on cultural burning practices in Australia. The film is part of a series of short films produced by BBC Studios for BBC Earth’s social media channels and will be published online in late 2021.

You can watch excerpts on Youtube at

Landcare Australia has a full run-down of the BBC podcast and radio show where this material will be aired - together with more details on where these films were shot - check it all out at
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