Landcare Census 2022: Late Jan/esrly Feb: Heads Up!

landcare census 2022

A reminder that the Landcare Victoria Inc. Member Census will be conducted online in early 2022 to collect financial and membership data from our Member Groups. In previous years, this information was collected as part of the membership renewal process but will now be collected separately in the interest of simplifying renewals for our members. This census must be completed by all financial groups/networks.
We ask that you please keep your group/network's membership and financial records up to date to ensure you are ready to report this data to us when requested. Please do not send any membership lists or financial reports to Landcare Victoria Inc. until the census is open.
We plan to make the census available to Member Group contacts for several weeks, starting in late January/February. This will allow us enough time to analyse the information and summarise it for the insurer. More information about the structure and timing of the census will be provided to financial Member Groups in the coming weeks.
If your group will be unable to complete the online form, please let us know as soon as possible so a hard copy version may be made available.
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